About Hebo Yapi

HEBO YAPI A.S. was established in 1996, Guzelyali, Istanbul, acquired a closed production space of 14.000 m2 within a total factory space of 30.000 m2 by adding another new production facility to its manufacturing site in year 2000. It has become a leading company in the market with sales rates increasing each year, approaching 50% annual export potential, prescient and innovative production line, strong infrastructure, high product quality, committed and professional service mentality.

HEBO YAPI manufactures living spaces in required dimensions, with the features of easy transportation in one piece and demountable delivery when requested. HEBO YAPI makes the life easier with prefabricated worksite and residential buildings, multi-purpose house containers, safety cabins, sales units, portable wc-shower and changing rooms, dormitories, dining halls, office buildings and storage rooms etc...

HEBO YAPI succeeds in making a difference in the sector by giving a modern perspective to these products, used for many years, with its new designs and new coating materials. HEBO YAPI A.S. aims to provide modern requirements in new urban planning and utilizing its products in such a way to contribute to the development of the city.

HEBO YAPI has been providing friendly-environment living spaces with fiber cement as an option to coating materials such as steel sheet, polyesther, composite, aluminium, plastic by using Hekimboard and Turksiding materials which are fiber cement based, environment-friendly, incombustible, unaffected by climate conditions and water, with various surface and dimension options, on the interior and exterior coatings of all its products since 2005.

HEBO YAPI A.S. has created own products by combining it with environment-friendly raw materials and 21st century technology and blend it with the requirements of today's urban planning. While offering multi-functional solutions even in small spaces with these features, it can also offer products in harmony with modern urban fabric with facade coating types in its appearance.

HEBO YAPI has succeeded in becoming the leader in its sector with the feature of anti-corrosion and incombustibility obtained through superior quality and latest technology materials it uses.

HEBO YAPI manufactures steel construction buildings by specially designed Structure Robot machinery lines in our own premises, by using ST 52 high quality galvanized building steel, thus combining superior technology with mass production.

HEBO YAPI A.S., a subsidiary of HEKIM HOLDING, has contributed to modern urban planning both domestically and abroad with all products it manufactures since the day it was established. It will continue to contribute with its modern, aesthetic and industrial designs.

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