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An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
A-Z International Co. W.L.L. was founded in 2005, with a mission to provide a highly specialized and customer service driven distributor of Electrical Materials, Tools, Equipment and other building materials to the trade. Since the beginning, A-Z International Co. W.L.L. has experienced continuous and sustained growth. A-Z International Co. W.L.L. also engaged in Transportation, Vehicle Rental, Porta Cabin Manufacturing etc.

We are one of the most respected businesses in the competitive construction supply industry in Qatar. We owe this growth to the loyalty and repeat business of our valued customers. Despite our growth, we have made sure that the individual attention that made our reputation at our beginning is just as big a part of what drives every one of us at A-Z International Co. W.L.L. every day.

A-Z International Co. W.L.L. sells, doors and frames, windows, roofing, siding, flooring, insulation, tools, hardware, equipment, wall systems, plywood, adhesives, masonry and specialty items to builders, contractors, architects, engineers, the government and the public.
In a highly competitive industry our staffs stand out because they focus on the needs of our customers. Every customer's order is viewed as an opportunity to solve a problem. our sales representatives will inquire: what are our customer's needs, why they need it, and where it will be used. We will then determine the best product at the best price to satisfy those needs. We will also advise of the manufacture's specifications and warranties, and will suggest items that may have been forgotten in our customer's planning.

Nowadays, a super staff and great products is not enough. In order to maintain and extend our leadership position we continue to pioneer some of the most sophisticated Information technology available. Using our powerful system tools, A-Z International Co. W.L.L. is able to coordinate, source and deliver every type of job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our proprietary inventory system allows us to source the customers orders from any one of our stores / warehouse. The end result is a true "one stop shop" solution that lets us make the customer feel happy.

Whether our customer building a skyscraper, a new Stadium or simply renovating a room, A-Z International Co. W.L.L.'s facilities, equipment, systems and superior personnel will ensure an efficient and centralized solution for the entire project.

A-Z International Co. W.L.L. continues to grow to serve our customer better. Future plans include concentrating on Porta Cabin manufacturing by new methods for cost saving, continual improvement, growth and development at our existing centers, and expansion into new clients.
We have already in tie up with M/S Hebo Yapi, Turkey, one of the leading manufacturers of pre fabricated building & structures. We have now been appointed by M/S Hebo Yapi, Turkey as the sole supplier / distributor for Qatar.  A brief description about M/S Hebo Yapi, Turkey is also enclosed herewith.

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