Demountable Office Container


The containers are preferred to their low cost and fast building process. These containers having un-weldedconstruction technique and containers are made of high quality galvanized structural steel; its exteriorsurfaces are plated with pre- painted galvanized trapeze steel plates laminated with film.
Our standard containers are built without using black steel plate, DKP steel plate or welding. The galvanizingprocess is an important and necessary process to ensure the steel material to be stainless, therefore thesecontainers never rust. The galvanizing process makes the containers endurable to all kinds of weather elements and enjoys a long service life. Most of the containers built by other companies are welded at the joints end and it will catch rust by time being.
Instead of welding, a bolt and nut system is used on the joints in our containers. This construction technique ensures the containers to be sturdier. The same system will enable easy dismantling and re-assembling in low cost and consuming minimum time. The floors of these containers are made of natural cement plates (fiber cement) which are fireproof, endurable to weather element and water and its containing no asbestos. As a result, these containers are endurable to earthquake, can be built and shipped in short lead times so that our
valuable customers can enjoy a long service life, economical and rust -free.
We are proud of sharing the difference and superiority of these containers with professional users and end users and providing them with high quality products and services. Thanks to the advanced building technology we employ.
Module System Container
This type of container can be used as single storey or duplex office, prefabricated construction site, mess hall, dormitory, prefabricated military facility, toilet, shower room, warehouse, etc…. It can be custom-built for special purposes too.
Sandwich Panel Container
Built of highly insulated Rock Wool, Polyurethane (PUR) or Polyisocyanurate (PIR) panels, these types of containers especially good for areas where weather elements are severe. These containers are generally used as office, dormitory, mess hall, construction site, military facilities, toilet, shower room, warehouse, etc...
Demountable container
This type of container needs much lesser room during shipment and is easy to transport.
Classification in terms of model
Demountable container, polyurethane container, polyisocyanurate container, toilet container, shower container, office container, toilet-shower room container, security checkpoint container, camp container.

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