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Our company prides itself on offering the best value added services to our clients. Our business thrives solely on our clients and their satisfaction, that’s why we make it our goal to achieve 100% customer satisfaction each and every time.


Safety: not only is it the right thing to do; it delivers tangible benefits. Leading commercial organizations understand that at its best, safety is a culture that permeates the whole organization. Moreover, our experience shows a direct correlation between safety and operational performance. Safety standards mitigate risk, thereby safeguarding operational performance.

To maintain a safe and hazard-free environment, A-Z INTERNATIONAL implemented a behavior-based safety technique. Behavior-based safety involves documenting practices that may cause injuries and making the appropriate corrections. Our data, collected over time on scores of different activities, shows a strong correlation between improved safety behaviors and increased safety, efficiency and overall employee well-being.

A-Z INTERNATIONAL   attains the highest level of safety on our work places through implementation of innovative safety programs. At its own expense, A-Z INTERNATIONAL   conducts quarterly Safety Boot Camps for all our employees to build and improve the culture of safety in work places on a continuous basis. Safety Boot Camps offer safety and leadership training for 3 to 5 days covering themes of effective communication, job safety analysis, to identify potential issues before they become problems. These workshops instruct leaders to implement safety standards throughout the employees.

A-Z INTERNATIONAL   also has safety trainers and audit teams routinely visiting work places to provide on the job safety training and assessments. Ultimately, safety is a collective responsibility that demands individual accountability, and it is through attention to detail, knowing your tools & equipments, and conscientious support of the employee that safety is reflected in better operations and management. A-Z INTERNATIONAL has safety management and environmental protection procedures that dictate required drills, tests, inspections, and critical systems maintenance. These procedures provide checklists, which must be completed and retained for safety and environmentally sensitive activities such as entering and leaving work places, confined space entry, working aloft, working over side and electrical system etc. Through safety regimens, operators instill clear lines of communication and stronger knowledge of the activities, which are fundamental to operational excellence.


At A-Z INTERNATIONAL, we understand that environmental sustainability drives innovation, competitiveness and overall financial stability. We therefore support initiatives that promote and advance environmental responsibility. This may range from one employee’s idea for how to incorporate environmental awareness into day-to-day work, to strategic business decisions on how to minimize our environmental footprint while remaining competitive. We strive to make sustainability thinking core to daily operations and high-level strategy. Operational Excellence discusses many of these initiatives, including the roles that innovation and continuous improvement play in driving environmental sustainability.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate change is real and man-made. The majority of the A-Z business is in transportation and porta cabin manufacturing, which amplifies the challenge of climate change, compared to most other businesses. For us, protecting the environment is a question of constant care – in the way we use resources, optimize operations and handle waste.
We recognize the risks associated with climate change and take responsibility in striving to reduce its carbon footprint through developing and implementing sustainable solutions. Of course all companies must be in compliance with mandatory environmental and safety regulations. At A-Z INTERNATIONAL, we seek to surpass these requirements. We acknowledge that individual contributions can make a positive net impact; we accept our special responsibility to advance sustainability efforts on a global scale. Our ultimate aim is a balanced, sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to long-term economic growth and quality of life.


Cost pressures have thrust operational excellence to the forefront of doing business. Declines in global trade have reduced volumes, diminished revenues and resulted in cost constraints. Dynamics in the public and private sectors make it critical to strike the optimal balance between resource allocation and asset readiness.

In planning and executing performance and lifecycle strategies, A-Z INTERNATIONAL   focuses on several key aspects that, when combined, yield optimal results. That is, lower the total cost of ownership while increasing performance and mitigating risk. We extend these strategies to our partnerships also.


We are in compliance with Pollution Prevention, keeping high standards in production and also certified by the International   Standards Organization’s Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008

These standards and certifications ensure that A-Z INTERNATIONAL provides for safe practices in operations, ensures a safe working environment, prevents pollution, establishes safeguards against all identified risks, and continually improves the safety management skills of our personnel.


Using high quality paint systems for steel and cladding for maintenance free service life.

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